Learn how to grow a community garden that makes you, your neighbour, and the planet happy

Do you know that community gardens help mitigate the effects of climate change? Discover how community-managed gardens can serve as urban green infrastructure.

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In a functional community garden, water is a crucial item to be taken care of. As the climate changes, droughts spread through Europe, thus it is necessary to observe these changing conditions carefully, think about relevant and sustainable mitigation measures, and adapt. Sharing the best practices …
Think Global, Act Local
Last year the Ecogardens team focused on exploring the potential of community gardens in the realm of climate change adaptation. Our learning results can be easily concluded by the citation of a Focus Group Participant: “Gardens are, of course, the best example of ‘think global act local‘ practices,…

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Community gardens help us to grow vegetables, herbs, and good-neighbourly relations. They also help fight climate change and educate communities on how to adapt to this global issue. Turn your community garden into a green urban oasis that everyone can enjoy – you, the neighbours, and our planet.

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Why Does It

12 °C

By this amount, urban trees can reduce the temperature in cities*

*source: nature.com

88 million tons

organic waste that ends up in landfills in the EU each year*


meters loss of ice in alpine glaciers thickness from 1997 to 2021*

In Europe, 73% of people live in urban environments that are highly affected by climate change. The impact is visible everywhere – in the environment, in the economy, and in society (climateAdapt). The continental areas will face heat extremes and a reduction in summer rainfalls. In general, mountainous areas will experience above-average increases in temperatures (EEA, 2016). Community-managed gardens could be an important part of the solution to this global crisis.

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Five European countries and six organisations have joined together to create a beneficial project to support and educate community gardeners, adult education providers, NGOs, and municipalities among many others. We believe that community gardens can play an important role in the fight against climate change in urban areas.

Who are we?

Kokoza (CZ)

A social enterprise promoting composting and urban gardening among individuals, companies, or municipalities.

Gartenpolylog (AT)

An association founded in 2007 to promote the idea of intercultural community gardens in Austria.

OnP (ES)

OnP helps projects financed by European funds with their project management, coordination, monitoring, and evaluation.


An independent professional organisation with the aim of opening new perspectives in architectural and urban thinking.


An association that develops its projects and actions according to UNESCO's 4 pillars of education: learn to know, learn to be, learn to do, learn to live together and with the others.


The largest climate protection network in Austria raising awareness about climate issues and sustainable development.

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The ECOGARDENS project is funded by the Erasmus+ Programme. Thank you for your support.