How Do Teaching Skills Help in Empowering Community Gardeners

Community gardens transform into vibrant educational hubs, offering green solutions and fostering sustainable community engagement. This module equips garden leaders with the skills to create impactful educational experiences, integrating non-formal educational methods that enhance gardeners’ knowledge of climate change adaptation and mitigation. Through hands-on learning, gardeners are empowered to positively influence their neighborhoods and beyond. […]

Local Actions to Combat Climate Change

Exploring the fight against climate change, they distinguish between adaptation and mitigation, addressing the urgent problem of greenhouse gases, the importance of localized action in a global scenario, and the impact of personal lifestyle choices on the collective effort to mitigate environmental impact. As they navigate these topics, they’re equipped to contribute meaningfully to the […]

Communication: a Key To Sustainability

Community gardens are vital hubs within local communities, often serving as centers for education and awareness regarding climate change. However, the effectiveness of these green spaces in promoting environmental consciousness can be limited by a lack of necessary skills and knowledge. Addressing this gap can be achieved through the empowerment of community garden enthusiasts with […]

Our Life in the Time of Global Climate Change

Learn to Navigate and Mitigate Climate Change Impact With Ecogardens Climate change is causing extreme weather events such as heat waves, droughts, flash floods, etc. in Europe. We face several different challenges in this context. But how do we tackle these issues at once? Is it possible at all? How and where to find relevant […]

Get Inspired by the Best Practices and Their Solutions

In a functional community garden, water is a crucial item to be taken care of. As the climate changes, droughts spread through Europe, thus it is necessary to observe these changing conditions carefully, think about relevant and sustainable mitigation measures, and adapt. Sharing the best practices can be a good way how to be prepared. […]

Think Global, Act Local

Last year the Ecogardens team focused on exploring the potential of community gardens in the realm of climate change adaptation. Our learning results can be easily concluded by the citation of a Focus Group Participant: “Gardens are, of course, the best example of ‘think global act local‘ practices, and environment for direct citizen action against […]